Lakes & Rivers

Lakes & Rivers
In Ionia, you are never more than six miles away from a creek, stream, river or lake - so gear up and get ready to enjoy! Map search Ionia, Michigan, narrow in on some blue and find yourself a getaway spot for fishing, boating, swimming or tubing.

If you’d like, call the Chamber of Commerce 616-527-2560 for a map.

Gone Fishin’. Two little words speak volumes about our passion for fresh air, biting fish and enjoying a few good laughs with our friends. Anglers from around the state try to keep Ionia’s great fishing areas as their own secret. From prime steelhead and salmon runs to bluegill, perch, pike, walleye, catfish and bullheads - name your fishing pleasure and we have the place for you.

Water invites us to cast off our landlocked obligations and have a little fun boating. In Ionia, we can answer the water’s call from numerous public access points. So let’s launch our boats today, where the water skiing, wake boarding, and jet skiing are all refreshing.

Tubing & Floating
Grab a tube, kayak or canoe – join some friends and family. Our ‘Lazy River’ is only moments away. Great relaxing adventures are found daily on the Flat River, Looking Glass, and the Grand River

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